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Ming Jong Tey | Wyckoff Method
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When I first started trading, I studied hard on the prospects of each of the companies that I bought. Apart from spending hours daily reading all the news related the company, I also monitored closely on the sectors they are in. Every day become increasingly frustrating while the stocks prices were going down despite the news headline showing positive outlook from the companies, with big contracts awarded and even upgraded with higher target price by the analysts from investment banks.

After 2 months, I decided to buy more so that my average cost will go down. I thought when they rebound to my breakeven price, I will just close the positions

3 Months Later...

My portfolio was down more than 40% with over 5 figure losses!

I was alone, frustrated and desperate without knowing what to do. Wondering if I should close the positions to get back some capital, yet I was afraid to sell at the lowest point and what happen if the stocks prices rebound after I exit? I would be the most stupid person in the world, right?

I held tight to my portfolio hoping the stocks can rebound 10% then I would exit. 

Just a few more weeks later, my portfolio was down 60% and it was too painful for me to hold the stock and I finally closed all my positions and took the losses of close to $30,000. That was a significant amount for a young graduate like myself.

Humbled by the experience, I then spent years learning what I have done wrong, and it blew my mind when I thought about it.

Let me show you what I discovered along the way

Look at these posts from Reddit. Chances are you might even know the people who wrote these:

Notice what they are doing. They've lost a lot of money while feeling frustrated and alone. Now, what do they do? Instead of looking inside to find out what went wrong and how to fix them, they simply want to hear stories and opinion to concur with them so that they can start "betting again" and make a come back. 

Be honest with yourself. Have you done this too?

You see, we have all gone through losing trades. Just like you, I have had losing trades yet I did not want to give up and I keep trying different strategy, different stocks, but ended up with more losses because I did not fix my mistakes.

Overtime I learned there are predictable sets of ways to anticipate what's going to happen to the stock price by interpreting of the supply and demand correctly with high consistency. Eventually, what I need to do is to apply the tactics with calculated risk and manage the trades accordingly the stress-free way.

The precise trading strategy has not only improved my trading results, it also impacted my life positively.

Can you imagine taking the money that you gained from the market to go travelling with your family for holiday, building projects that you always wanted to start without worrying to get fired by your boss? It isn't just about the money but never be at the mercy of the market and having a choice to do what you love as you can control your own life and future.

It would be easy to do exactly what these people are doing...

They are complaining, seeking comfort from others. But they never look inside themselves to find out their problems, yet still carry on trading and hoping desperately they can make back the money one day

You have to ask yourself, 6 months or 1 year from now, will they be still doing the same thing on the forum and continue to put their head into the sand and hands over their ears instead of fixing their problem and master their trading skillset?

If that's you, that's fine. My material may not be suitable for you. Let me link you right now to Reddit. Please be my guest. And you can commiserate with other people who're trying but never really learn. 

You see showing up isn't enough. Anyone can show up. We have to get better. And if you are interested, I can help you to sharpen your trading skill while saving you hours of research and stock picking.


Weekly Live Group Coaching 

Watch me live using price action analysis to apply in the major US indices, sectors, stocks and futures and to come up with trading decisions, trading opportunities for the coming week, answer your questions and review your trades and positions to give you instant feedback. The live sessions will be recorded. You can access the video recordings in the membership site.

Join me every Tuesday from 8pm - 9:30pm (GMT + 8), where I will cover the following in detail:

Ask me anything

Ask me anything related to trading such as reviewing your trade, entry setup, exit, how to manage, how you could have done differently. Get your questions answered on the spot with live group coaching from traders like you to speed up your learning curve.

Let me do the hard work so you can focus on trading

You have more important things to do than spend hours researching your trading opportunities. Get my weekly overviews of top trading opportunities for the US stocks and Malaysia stocks, handed to you on a silver platter so you can focus on executing the trades.

Get ahead of the curve

In order to trade consistently, you have to know what’s happening in the markets. Get into my though process and analysis for 4 major US indices futures and other trading instruments such as Gold/Silver, Crypto, interest rates, market internals, market breadth, intermarket relationship, etc... when there is "time sensitive development" that could trigger trading or investing opportunities.

Trade Review

Detailed trade review of day trading and swing trading from the past week/months for you to sharpen your skills and mastering the techniques under different market environment and trading context.

Watch this video highlight from Session 39 on 8 May 2022 (How to Spot The Sharp Move Before S&P 500 Dropped 5% In A Week) to get a taste of my analysis

Here's What Others Are Saying About My Analysis & Videos

"Thank you for the sessions you do and the advice we receive from these classes. They are very beneficial to me in deciding when to stay in or get out. In 2022, I finished up 12.5%. Could not have accomplished this without your help. I am grateful for your guidance." By James Devenney

"Now I understand how the upthrust looks like and works. Its been difficult to understand because I only had half of the picture. I've been missing the other half the entire time... VOLUME! I will keep my eyes open for more upthrust bars within these trading ranges Ming. Thanks a Million" By Futures Warrior

"Hi Ming, Love the work you are doing, Kudos to you! I very much appreciate your play by play explanations, they are extremely helpful." By CD Genge

"Excellent video. The explanation of a change in character leading to another trading range makes sense." By Omar Ali Kiani

"Thanks again Ming. I believe your review, full explanation including minute details and upcoming session plan are all appropriate. All traders can and would learn a lot from your explanation." By Prem Kumar

"Wow Ming...just listened to this (late today) nailed it, 3130 good short (11:00 AM my time US EST), then long opportunity at 3190 (12:00) noon my time). Unreal. You’re a savant!" By Bob Lucchesi

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still join your Weekly Group Coaching program if I did not enroll your Mastering Price Action Trading course?

Yes. You can still join my Weekly Group Coaching program. Depending on your objectives, if you would just want to get access great trading opportunities, trade review and market insights with detailed price action analysis, you can attend the live session or simply watch the video recording. 

If you would like to sharpen your trading skill, you can submit your chart and let me know the specific issues you would like me to look into such as to find out any potential trading mistakes, and what you could have done differently for trade entry, trade management and exit, etc...

What's the difference between your Weekly Group Coaching program and the Mastering Price Action Trading course?

The Weekly Group Coaching program focus on the current market development (latest bar analysis) so that you know the current market environment, the top trading opportunities for the coming week in US stocks and Malaysia stocks, detailed trade review of my past trades and to review your trades and positions to find out any potential mistakes and ways to fix them. In short, this is the application of the Wyckoff Method in the current market.

How do I submit my chart to get my feedback during the live session?

Once you join my Weekly Group Coaching program, you will be granted access to the membership site where you can post your chart together with your questions/comments or simply email me.

How do I attend the live session?

The link to the live session will be posted in the membership site 1 day before the start of the session. You will also receive the link to the live session via email.

What happen if I miss the live session?

No worries. Video recording will be uploaded in the membership site and you can watch them when you are available. 

What if I want to cancel the monthly subscription?

You can cancel the subscription anytime. 

Can I ask you any trading related questions?

As long as you remain subscribed for my Weekly Group Coaching program, you can access me during the live session on a weekly basis.

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Discover The Best Stock Trading Opportunities & Stay On Top Of The Markets Each Week

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